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Bandit & Yori Van Zandt

Bandit & Yori Van Zandt

We are Bandit and Yori, and we're here to spill the kibble on our exciting roles at Savoire Financial, where we work alongside our amazing mom, Chloe. Together, we form an unstoppable trio, bringing our unique talents and boundless energy to the office.

First up, let's introduce Bandit, the CFO (Chief Fetch Officer) and holder of a prestigious PhD in squirrel science. Bandit's primary responsibilities revolve around the fascinating world of squirrels. When not engrossed in squirrel science, Bandit can be found panting enthusiastically, providing emotional support to the team, and reminding everyone to take a well-deserved break for some belly rubs.

And then there's Yori, the Assistant to the CFO and a Pre-K graduate in occasional obedience. Yori's primary responsibilities are a bit more whimsical. Dreaming is a crucial part of Yori's job description, as it fuels our collective imagination and keeps us inspired. And let's not forget the legendary Yori zoomies, which never fail to inject a burst of joy and laughter into the office atmosphere.

Together, we form a dynamic duo, each contributing our unique talents to the success of Savoire Financial. Our mom, Chloe, couldn't be prouder of our achievements. She knows that while we may not have traditional job titles, our presence and contributions are invaluable. We keep spirits high, promote a positive work-life balance, and remind everyone to embrace their inner puppy.