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Olivia Allen (she/her)

Olivia Allen (she/her)

Client Service Specialist

As an Administrative Assistant at Savoire Financial, I am responsible for various crucial tasks, including onboarding new clients, providing excellent service to existing clients, and offering a second set of eyes when needed. Having worked in the financial services industry for over four years, I bring a wealth of experience to my role. Prior to joining Savoire Financial, I had the privilege of working at Planning Alliance, where I honed my skills and developed a deep understanding of the industry. Along the way, I obtained licenses for life and health insurance and was previously securities licensed, allowing me to provide comprehensive support to our clients. Additionally, my educational journey led me to the College of New Jersey, where I acquired a solid foundation of knowledge and skills.

The work I do as an Administrative Assistant keeps me on my toes. Whether it's guiding new clients through their first experience with a financial planner or exercising my problem-solving skills to troubleshoot transfer issues, every day presents unique challenges and opportunities for growth. More importantly, the work we do goes beyond dollars and cents. It's about helping individuals understand what they can do with their financial resources, ensuring they feel secure in their plans, and guiding them on the best path for their unique circumstances. What brings me the greatest joy in my job is the confidence we instill in people. Finances can be emotionally charged and cause significant stress, even for those who may appear financially well-off to others. Being able to provide reassurance and support to our clients is incredibly rewarding, and the positive feedback we receive from them makes every effort worthwhile.

I was raised in Princeton, New Jersey, and have also called Wilmington, North Carolina, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado, home at different points in my life. Currently, I reside in Arkansas, my partner's home state, where I am quickly learning to appreciate college athletics. I have a passion for travel and recently had the opportunity to fish in the breathtaking waters of Seward, Alaska. When I'm not in my home office, you can find me in a yoga studio, wake surfing on a nearby lake, or exploring nature through hiking adventures with my loyal companion, Jackson, my beloved dog.